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Service Projects 2021

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Dear Weavers,

Last fall we created 55 dish towels (and a few other items) and donated them to Meals on Wheels of Alameda County.  They were warmly received by housebound seniors as part of a "care package" organized by Meals on Wheels.  Care packages were given to over 3,000 seniors last December, and our dish towels were a small but heart-felt contribution to this effort.


Let's do it again! 



No obligation, but any member of Golden Gate is invited to weave 1, 2, 4 or more dish towels.


Finished towels will be dropped off at my house in Kensington on (or before) Saturday December 4th.   I will add tags and get them to Meals on Wheels.



My preferred thread is 8/2 cotton, with an EPI of 18 or 20.  My preferred size, hemmed, washed and dried, is 24" x 16."  (Size on the loom is about 32" x 19.")  This is what I like, but please make what works for you. 



This year Loom & Shuttle will ALSO be involved.  Yay!  More dish towels. 


If this is something that interests you, please reply to this email with an estimate of the number of dish towels you can contribute.  Call or email if you have any questions.



Liz Keefe


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